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Successful organisations invest in their employees and recognise that their health and well being is essential to their overall success.  Creating a culture of fitness and healthy wellbeing within your workplace can see your team’s productivity and morale climb to new heights.

So why not invest in Corporate Wellness training and see a return on your investment with reduced staff turnover plus happier, healthier, more productive staff that take fewer sick days.  Corporate Wellness training can improve teamwork and helps turn groups of individual workers into cohesive teams more focused on tackling challenges as a team.


Disability Support

All bodies have the capacity to move, some just need a little more guidance and assistance to accomplish their goals.  Whatever your ability, you are the centre of our attention and we will take on your goals together. PhysAbility understands that at times a team approach is required and have experience in discussing objectives with input from multiple disciplines which can include amongst others Occupational Therapists, physiotherapists, General Practitioners.

1:1 Personal Training

Some goals are best chased alone, well at least under the excellent guidance of a trainer who you can trust.  With over 40 years’ experience encompassing weight training and functional fitness, PhysAbility is fully equipped to supply training and nutritional guidance at your home, office, school or outdoor setting.

Open Group Sessions

With some of the Coffs Coast most idyllic settings as your back drop, join in with like minded others in reaching your fitness goals.  The days of excuses are over as PhysAbility will motivate you to not only attain your fitness goals but to surpass them in a non judgemental safe place.  With a variety of timeslots and locations, we are sure to be able to create the perfect program that suits you.  We can even develop a small group training around your special interest group; maybe close friends, fathers and sons, extended family or even a physical challenge such as fun run, endurance hike, endurance base holiday adventure.

Sporting Groups

Taking the time to get to know your club, coaching staff and the athletes within your teams will help in prescribing a program that will give them the sport-specific fitness to dominate the competition.  Rehabilitation, athlete development as well as working to prevent injuries, programming can be tailored to hone in on the specific goals of your club no matter what level of competition.